3 Things We Loved and 2 Things We Hated in the Sound of Magic

Do you…believe in magic? If you do, let’s talk about the Sound of Magic!

Annyeong chingudeul,

If there’s one K-drama that kept me awake on the night of 6 May, it was the much-anticipated musical fantasy drama that’s based on a famous webtoon. I had to binge-watch the series because Ri-Eul enchanted me with his spells and since then the only thing that’s been hovering in my mind is “Annarasumanara, Annarasumanara…” – I’m so obsessed with it!

Honestly, I was not really a fan of musicals and there might have been Korean musical dramas before, but this hands down was a magical and masterfully-crafted musical drama that deserves to become a phenomenon.

So, today I’m going to share my personal opinions and feelings on this masterpiece, breaking down key details that made our hearts go thump thump, which also means that there’ll be spoilers ahead, so you’ve been warned!

LOVED: Ji Chang Wook Aka Ri Eul

LOVED: Ji Chang Wook Aka Ri Eul

If there’s one Korean actor that knows how to steal hearts, it’s Ji Chang Wook! I fell heads over heels the first time I watched his drama. His acting is evocative, persuasive and he always owns every character he plays. However, among all, Ri Eul has a very special place in my heart.

Despite Pinkvilla’s claim that the actor failed to portray the right emotions and appeared “unreal”, I personally think that he was able to capture viewers’ attention in every scene he was in. In fact, he brought the character to life. It’s not every day that we get to see a handsome magician with a charismatic smile and His childish and playful attitude, which was really adorable, reminded me of Willy Wonka and Peter Pan.

Ri Eul was not an ordinary magician. He wasn’t either just asking people to believe in magic, he wanted someone to believe in him, in his dreams and to understand the fact that life means much more than a materialistic grind. All he wanted was for everyone to enjoy a hope and a moment away from the harsh realities of life. We were literally hypnotized by his mysterious aura and charmed by his warm appeal. Every moment throughout the series, he kept us intrigued to learn more about who he really was, why he was living in an abandoned park and how he was related to that pregnant woman. And, the darkness he portrayed when he was approached by that annoying girl added thrills to the drama and another layer to his mystical and magical aura, showing the actor’s ability and versatility in playing a character with such complexity.

And, for me, Ri Eul is a real magician. Why? Because I’m still under his spell!

LOVED: The Message of the Series

LOVED: The Message of the SeriesThe drama starts off by showing the misery of a high school girl who is struggling to survive and support her sister after her parents abandoned her and let her drown in debts. However, slowly, slowly, the series opened up to some of the most complex layers of the society. The drama took us by surprise as we are shown a society that we are pretty much familiar with; a corrupt society that steals your dream, overworks you and when you fail at anything, you are tagged as a “loser.”

Yoon Ah Yi was very good at studying, but because she was poor and was different from the other students, she was bullied and treated unfairly by both the education system and the society. Na Il Deung started dreaming of becoming a magician but according to his parents, unless you follow the path your parents set for you, own a degree and have a high position in the society, you’ll only be considered as a failure. It’s even harder to talk about Ri Eul’s story. It’s really heartbreaking to imagine how he kept smiling and talking about magic, hopes and dreams when he himself was rejected and judged as being a mentally ill student.

But, this drama also taught us the need to believe in ourselves and to always do what makes us happy. Remember, “You should do whatever it is you want to do just as much as the things you don’t want to do.”

HATED: Creepy Convenience Store Owner

Some are still confused and wondering if Ri Eul really made the store owner disappear or did he just push him off the cliff. Well, either way, I’m glad that the creep ended up with bruises and bandages and that his vile deeds were uncovered at last.

HATED: Baek Ha Na Aka The Annoying Girl

If there’s one person that got on my nerves, it was Baek Ha Na. I think I didn’t hate her just for her meanness towards Yoon Ah Yi, but also because of her belittling attitude towards Ri Eul. And, did you notice that time when Bella showed her the middle finger – I just loved it!!

LOVED: The Ending

During this scene, I know many of us were crying our hearts out; it was one of the most painful scenes I’ve ever watched. However, there was something magical about it too and even in his last performance, Ri Eul was just perfect.

All in all, these are some of the things that I truly enjoyed in this drama. But, what about you? What made you fall in love with The Sound of Magic? And, if you still haven’t watched the series, well then, you are missing out on a very hot magician, a gripping story plot and amazing soundtracks.