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10 Christmas Movies To Binge This Holiday Season

The spirit of the Christmas Season is here and it’s that time of year to spread love and joy again. One of the best ways to channel the mood this holiday season is by watching some great Christmas movies. There are so many top Christmas movies out there, here is a list of our favorite …


7 Iconic Movie Musicals From The Last 10 Years

Movie musicals have been popping up with great frequency lately, so what better time to take stock of the best movie musicals of the 21st century? We’ve been out of the Golden Age for a while now, and some new classics should be recognized. There are two kinds of movie musicals, based on the two …


7 of The Most Influential Martial Arts Movies Of All Time

Martial arts in movies can mostly be traced to Chinese kung fu movies. This Far Eastern genre originated in the theatricality of Chinese opera and “Wuxia” novels. Wuxia is a romantic genre of Chinese folklore, often featuring a lone sword-wielding hero on a chivalric quest. The oldest films in this vein date to the late …


10 More Unexpected Celebrity Cameos in Movies

These A-listers are all Hollywood royalty in their own right. When they appear on the big screen or on stage, they steal the show. But sometimes, they’re a little harder to recognize, as is the case with many surprise cameos. These brief appearances involve your favourite stars in loads of makeup, popping up at the …


10 of The Most Unexpected Celebrity Cameos In Movies

A cameo is an appearance in a short film or series by a celebrity, following an invitation from a director, screenwriter, or producer. Although celebs are often invited to appear in movies, these sporadic and brief performances are usually highly paid and may also be requested by the actors themselves. The goal of these appearances …