Big Mouth (K-Drama): Things We Loved and Hated

Is the Korean drama, “Big Mouth” worth watching?

Straight off the bat, YESSS! FOR SURE! 

When we first heard that Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoon Ah were going to star as a couple in a drama, we knew we had to see it. I’ve been a K-drama enthusiast for about 10 years now and I’d say Big Mouth is one of the best crime thriller series I’ve ever seen in my life.

Big Mouth tells the story of a lawyer, Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) who has a meager 10 % success rate. He is a chatty individual and as a result, he is known as “Big Mouth.” He lives a poor yet happy life with his wife, Ko Mi Ho and his father-in-law. Until he becomes entangled in a murder investigation and gets pegged as the notorious and genius con artist, Big Mouse. This eventually throws him into a life-threatening scenario. The show then takes us through how Chang Ho tries to survive in jail and how on the other side, his wife sets out to clear his name.

Right from the first episode, this show is like a rollercoaster ride. This thriller can keep you on edge regardless of how much you try to divert your attention. I also loved how the balance of drama, romance and suspense was maintained in the show. The pace of the show was not slow but it wasn’t super fast either; the pacing was done in such a way as to keep you engaged. I can say with confidence there was not a single moment where you felt bored.

From a unique and interesting story to great acting, mind-blowing plot twists and good presentation, this drama has it all and does live up to its hype.

So, today I’m going to share my personal opinions on this drama and I just hope you guys can feel related to some of them.

Warning: *Spoilers Ahead*

LOVED: The Suspense


LOVED: The SuspenseWhile the show was only at its third episode, viewers were constantly coming up with a number of theories to figure out who was “Big Mouse.” There were several oddities that compelled the audience to suspect and investigate each character. One of the most common conspiracy theories included Park Chang Ho being the “real” Big Mouse or having two different personalities due to the drastic change in his personality after he ended up in prison. Some even went so far as to say that Chang Ho may have a twin brother who is the real culprit. When all the conspiracy theories were floating on the net, I admit there was a time when I even suspected Mi H (or maybe I just wanted a strong and crazy female lead).

However, it came as a shock when the room leader was revealed to be “Big Mouse.” And, yet, we can’t help but wonder if there isn’t another red herring and the “real” Big Mouse is still hiding. What do you think?

LOVED: The Chemistry

There was not a single kiss in the drama and yet Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoon Ah had such a striking chemistry that it was hard not to root for them. The romance between the lead couple was subtle yet so sweet and powerful. They are the epitome of soulmates.

HATED: Mi Ho’s Death

Regardless of the rising popularity of the drama, there are many –including me – who didn’t like the bittersweet ending of Yoo Ah’s character.

Mi Ho wasn’t your typical shy and caring nurse; she was a brave and tough wife who was willing to do anything to protect and save her husband from danger. Remember the time when she kept us on edge when she sneaked into the secret lab of the hospital all by herself or when she followed the inmates to the secret cave where they were working? And yet after sacrificing everything to prove her husband’s innocence, the story killed her with a terminal illness, which I think wasn’t necessary at all.

Personally, I think the couple should have gotten a happy ending because of all the hardships they went through together. We are even shown that when Chang Ho was pursuing his dream of becoming a lawyer, she supported him both financially and emotionally. After going through so much pain and misery, they deserved a happily ever after.

Hated: Mayor Choi Do Ha’s Death (It Was Not Entertaining Enough)

Mayor Choi Do Ha’s DeathHonestly, the ending seemed rushed and I was seriously expecting a more brutal and satisfying death for that guy, like in Vincenzo when he had a drill going into the villain’s heart by just a few centimeters every hour.

Honorable Mention: Gong Ji Hoon’s Antics

You know what I’ve missed the most? Gong Ji Hoon losing his s***t 24/7.

I think he was a hilarious character; his banter was immaculate and his big expressions were wildly entertaining. He is one of the villains we can’t just hate. He was just desperate to get his 100 billion won back.

Some of his best antics, for me, are when he punched his coat, assuming it to be Choi Do Ha, when he was cornered by Chang Ho and his men in the parking lot and when he literally screamed, “Park Chang Ho, saranghanda!!!”

Oh and we can’t forget the “I’m not betraying you, I’m just incompetent.”


All in all, this drama was unforgettable and I can’t wait for season 2. What about you?