Yes, I’m doing it at last! I can’t believe that I am going to kick some asses. Ok, sorry, I just wanted to say that to give off some Eve Dallas vibes. But, really, this series is going to focus on the popular and epic In Death series by J.D. Robb, where I would share with you some of my most favorite Eve-Roarke moments (without forgetting those steamy scenes), Eve bitchy but great lines, comments on Peabody’s and McNab’s fashion sense and my personal thoughts on the criminals.

So, ready? Let’s turn on the bad-ass mode!

In Death Characters

Eve Dallas


Born in the year 2028 (yes, the story plot is based on the mid-21st-century), Eve was born to Richard Troy and Stella (and both are a real disgrace as parents). During the first eight years of her life, Eve was abused physically, mentally, and sexually by her father (and her father was not doing all this under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but he was just a born monster). And, her mother? Well, if I say she was a real wench who let her kid be abused by the hands of that monster, does that sound too rude?

But, thank God, Eve was able to escape from that vile creature (that too, by killing him at a hotel in Dallas, TX). And, after wandering several miles, she passed out and a police officer found her. And, that’s when she was named Eve Dallas.

However, her life was not easy even after that. She spent ten years of her life in different foster homes (and one where she was so ill-treated that she had to escape). But, when she reached 18, she traveled to New York to become a police officer.

After graduating from the NYPSD police academy, she was taken under Lt. Ryan Feeney (who we know is like a father figure to her), who trained her and brought her into the Homicide Division. This is when Eve shined and was promoted to Detective and ultimately to Lieutenant, in charge of a Homicide squad at NYPSD’s Cop Central.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the type of cop Eve is. Even though I thought there are only two types of cops, that is, the bad ones (you know, the corrupt ones who think they can do whatever the hell they want just because of that piece of clothing on them) and the dumb ones (who have zero knowledge about law enforcement and follow orders like those puppies chasing their tails). However, Eve is a cop of an amazing combination.

With her tough, angular body and her strong muscles, Eve is that kick-ass cop who can split a criminal’s whole face in half. If you think, just because she is a woman, she will be delicate as a rose, submissive, fragile and quiet-natured, well, then remove that ugly misconception from your mind. Instead of a flute-like voice and ladylike language, you can hear her (24/7) cursing, that too loud and vicious. And, you will often hear, “Jesus bleeding Christ”,“Bite me” and “Kiss my ass” (and then of course, Roarke would add, “Darling, I will if you’ll just turn over.”)

Because she treats a***oles as a***oles, she is known as a kick-ass cop who is mean, crafty and rude (and who just loves to bitch slap morons). When she comes across vile criminals, she is all but ready to leap and rip out their internal organs with her bare hands and then strangle them with their own large intestines (hmm, what innovation). And, if someone actually dares to call her a bitch, well, she might just tell you to put Lieutenant in front of it.

And, I can’t stop myself from mentioning what the Lieutenant think about scientists and their research in laboratories: “One day they are going to make a mistake – a big one – and mutant clone cows are going to revolt and start eating people. You wait and see.”

But, despite her cold demeanor, Eve has a soft spot in her heart for pizza, her best friend, Mavis, her cat and of course, her husband Roarke. And Summerset? Well, he is just that uncomfortable thing called pain in her derriere.

Well, there’s much and much more to say about Eve, but of course, I can’t summarize it all in just one article. So, if you were not that bored while reading, why don’t you try to check out the second article?