It was really hard for all K-drama lovers to bid goodbye to “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” as the drama took a significant place in our hearts.

But, for those who want to relive the heart-touching fairytales that shaped this remarkable drama, take a look below.

Chapter 4: Zombie Kid

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Zombies are usually meant to be scary, isn’t it? And, parents always have that natural urge to protect their children from things that are scary. But, what if that frightening thing was the kid itself?

Unlike other warm and bubbly stories, this dense Korean story is about a baby boy, born in a faraway village, who had a grotesque face, almost inhuman-like. Slowly, slowly, his mother realized that besides his extremely pale skin and impossibly large eyes, the kid had no feelings at all. He had only one desire: to eat, eat and eat. Just like a zombie.

No matter how he was, his mother could not reject him and so locked him in a secret basement where the villagers couldn’t see him. And, then, every night, when everyone was sleeping, she would steal livestock from her neighbors to feed her child.

One night, she’d steal a pig, The next day, a chicken. A few years passed by and she kept raising him in secret. But, one day, an epidemic plagues the country and killed all the animals and many people. The survivors ran away from the village, leaving the mother alone, who couldn’t abandon her son alone.

But, the worst is yet to come, my dear friend.

When her son started crying out of hunger, the mother didn’t think twice but cut off one of her legs and gave it to him. Afterward, she has one of her arms. When she gave away all of her limbs and was left only with her torso, she held on to her child for the last time to let him eat what was left of her.

Hugging his mother’s torso closely, the child spoke for the first time in his life, “Mom, you’re so warm.”

Quite dark and sad it is, but filled with traces of reality, this zombie story tells us how parents sometimes are ready and willing to do anything for their children, even if it means the less and worst things are reserved for them. But is that what a child really wants?

Chapter 5: Rapunzel and the Cursed Castle

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Long, long ago, a beautiful and little girl lived in a cursed castle in the middle of a dense forest. But, she was not alone. Her mother always told her that because she was too special, she couldn’t leave the castle and live with common people.

Rather than feeling privileged, she felt like that she was being punished for something she didn’t do and was thus imprisoned. And, so she prayed and prayed, every night, begging for someone to send a prince, a handsome one please, to save her.

And, so the girl kept waiting and waiting. Will he come today? Or, will he come tomorrow?

This reflects how trapped in her traumatic past, Ko Moon Young has been waiting all this time for someone to come and set her free. And, somewhere, this story teaches us that patience and hope have a role to play in our lives.

Chapter 6: Bluebeard’s Secret

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Once, there lived a count in a vast kingdom, who was very wealthy. However, due to his blue beard, everyone trembled before him and always tried to avoid him.

Mustering her courage, one day, a poor lady went to his castle and expressed her desire to be his bride. Jumping with joy, Bluebeard (the nickname given to the count with the blue beard) accepted her as his wife and as a wedding gift, he opened every room of his castle – with the exception of one, the basement – and took all the jewels and treasures and presented them to his wife.

Bluebeard cherished his new wife and gave her everything she wanted. However, he warned her never to go into the basement. But, the curious wife eventually ends up opening the door one day.

What do you think is there in that room? What’s the secret?

Displayed on the walls were the corpses of all the ex-wives of Bluebeard who had ignored his warning and opened the door. That’s how they all ended up.

For this one, I can’t give out too much as it will be a spoiler. But, here’s one hint: it relates to what happened with Ko Moon Young’s parents.

Sometimes, fairytales and folklore remind us how it is okay to not be okay. Suffering is a part of life, but it is up to us to take the chances to find the way out of that suffering.