Embracing the Magic of Kdramas: A Tribute to Enthusiastic Fans

Annyeong Chingus,

I am filled with immense gratitude and excitement as I sit down to write this special article, for it is not just a compilation of thoughts and opinions, but a heartwarming tribute to each one of you who have been a constant source of support and encouragement on my Kdrama journey.

It brings me both joy and a tinge of melancholy to announce that this will be my last dedicated article on Kdramas. However, there could not be a more fitting way to bid farewell to this chapter of my writing journey than by dedicating this final piece to all of you. Your favorite Kdramas, treasured actors and actresses, favorite quotes, beloved fictional characters, and insightful observations on the storyline have been woven into the fabric of this article.

With heartfelt gratitude and love,

Diksha Gangadeen!

From Ekansh Gupta (India)

K-Dramas are more than a hobby for me as they not only increased my empathy and EQ (Emotional Quotient) but they also gave me the space where I am just with myself and think about the humane lives of the characters in front of me and how they relate to me and the people around me even though I live around 5583 km away from Seoul in India. (In India, male K-Drama watchers are the rarest of the rare breed)

I have no shame in revealing that I have cried the most in my life when watching these dramas and in turn, they gave me emotional support when I was at my most vulnerable in my life.

K-Dramas contrary to popular belief are not only typical Rom-coms but sometimes they also present the most heartwarming, most cheerful, and most important aspects of life which you have to see to believe it.”

From Vandana:

Kdramas have been a huge source of comfort for me. The times when I feel low or want to just disappear from the world, I watch kdramas. They also give me the motivation to be a better person. Watching law school during my exams gave me motivation to study hard and i actually performed very well in the exams. And of course because of kdramas my standards have been high when it comes to being in a relationship that I know what and how I deserve to be cared for.

From IM YourOnlyOne:

From IM YourOnlyOne:Extraordinary Attorney Woo was the turning point in my autistic life as the show help me decide, or convinced me, that enough is enough. Since then, I’ve been “Openly Autistic” and started unmasking.

When it comes to time travel and complex stories, there is Disney’s Grid. It is one of the few complicated time travel stories I have watched for the past decade. This show is a rarity in K-drama land as complex _and_ complicated plots can confuse the audiences.

From Sparkle:

From Sparkle:
I would like to share my opinions on penthouse without spoiling much. You seek for revenge, and in the process get betrayed even by the people you trusted as you see your own so called family members or the people of penthouse who are on a catch for killing you and getting rid of you. After 3 seasons when you finally do get your revenge, and after losing several people who were comparatively good, that surrounds you with so much of guilt as you realise that the kids of the penthouse have lost their parents. However I think I shouldn’t blame her, as her intention was solely getting revenge from the people who so very deserved it or would have continued with the series of heinous crimes for their reputation and to get what they want. After everything how her guilt made her do something unthinkable, I am really disappointed until this date because as much as i agree that she did feel guilty but maybe she could have just taken care of her kids and ro na who solely had her only after her losses.

From Himani Dahiya:

From Himani Dahiya:My favourite actor is Ji Chang wook and even i watched his vlogs on bike and picnic camp on you tube. he is soo cute. his love towards bikes and travelling i loved it. however sometimes i didn’t understand the language but whatever he says i just love it. Especially his eyes i love them.

From Tate Arson:

One thing that’s bugging me about Our Blues is that the screenwriter decided to make the teenage girl Yeong Joo want to become a parent. I see no reasons for that at a glance. She never wanted to have a baby, she had panic attacks because of the sound of the heartbeat of that alien in her belly. Also her boyfriend pressured that he’d like to become a father, and this is not okay. But thinking further, the story of these two could make some sense. Sometimes we make really unexpected decisions in our life and want to fight for that right. The flow of this poignant story: you’re sincerely rooting for them and accepting their choice along with parents, just as me here.

From Dany:

Regarding k dramas. I wasnt a fan of them until I saw train to busan. Slowly I started to watch and they make me relax after a long stresful day. My fav dramas are, THE GUEST (one of the best horror dramas and connection the tree MC’s had without romance. A great soundrack ), STARNGERS TO HELL( the way an enviorment can disturb somwone mind which is already affected. I liked the creepiness of it) and BEYOND EVIL( a great thriller and mystery series).

From Luffy:

Personally, I think Kdramas are better than Western dramas as they usually wind up the drama in 16-20 episodes and give a good closure. Plus there are a variety of Kdramas for every genre. Western shows start strong but as they continue making more and more seasons the story keeps getting absurd.

And, I have 2 favourite actors: Namkoong Min and Kim Dong Wook. These 2 have that Midas touch in them. Everything they work on is pure gold.


From RAGHAVENDAR:Ko Mun Young character from “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” is the best character ever. Fairly tales are best part of this drama – the perfect plot twist. I really don’t connect to trauma but in this I connect and cried along with this character. Ko Mun Young words are the highlight – the “O my sorry I thought you’re a trash can” and that I love you scene.

From GRIM (Sleepwatcher):

From GRIM (Sleepwatcher):My favorite Kdrama Alchemy of Souls S2, I loved the plot, characters, storyline, turn of events, and the romance. The pace was excellent, with romance heavy plot and it still did not feel overdone. Fiction did not overtake the story and that’s why I loved it, the characters carried the show.

A piece from a drama that I will never forget is from “If You Wish Upon Me” – ML being in a toxic relationship with his sister and improving on that relationship was one of the most heartfelt moments I have ever seen and I don’t know why but it felt relatable as I have a cousin Sis and I always want to protect her no matter how she behaves with me.

From Hana:

A character that I won’t forget in PRISON PLAYBOOK  is Looney!! He’s the best cellmate in there lol. Although Looney likes to annoy his cellmates, we love seeing him do that because it will make them feel close enough. My fav are Looney vs KAIST and of course Looney vs Jung Woo hahahhahah. One thing I’m sad about him is he doesn’t get a happy ending….

From vvfhl:

From vvfhl:“You’re a cosmos flower. And it’s still spring. Wait until fall, and you’ll bloom beautifully. Be patient.” – Start-Up (2020)

When Grandma said that to Dal-mi, I don’t know why I cried in those few lines. It’s like I’m not even Dal-mi to begin with, and I’m not sad when I’m watching that episode. But it hit me like a doomed truck in those Kdrama moments.

There’s something about watching kdrama, it’s like a temporary escape from my reality.

From purple_army_L_g7:

As a drama fanatic, picking my favorite kdrama character is hard. Still, my all time favorite kdrama character award goes to the one and only Han Seojun from True Beauty.. First off, I love bad boy characters particularly the ones that don’t treat their loved ones as trash. Other traits of bad boy characters I love is piercings, bikes, and being a high school student is just a cherry on top. Han Seojun checked all of these boxes and ultimately won my heart.

From yawnz:

Hospital playlist is my fav drama because its very light yet has it deep elements and I like the friendships in the drama. Most of my favorite quotes are from “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” – The first step is always the hardest but once you take your first step, things will get easier from then on.

From Renn Saranghae:

After watching 170 Kdramas… and the odd 20-30 that i dropped. KDramas these days are not as exciting, fun or thrilling as to the earlier ones. Alot of repeat storylines and plots in all the genres just with different actors. Kdramas should stick to not more than 16 episodes and avoid making seasons unless its really needed and necessary. Anyhow as i am a kdrama fanatic will continue to watch them forever.

From Alicja:


From Alicja:My favourite kdrama is “Empress Ki”. Story is complex and well-written. Plot was complicated and I really like that characters change after some affairs and circumstances. It was realistic. Acting is top-tier. Ha Jiwon was beyond any limits in this drama.

And, I know there are many good actors, but Namkoong Min is only one. I love his projects and he is diverse in every role.

My favourite quotes from Kdrama include:

  • “People don’t create betrayal. The Times do.”
  • “War is fought with swords. Politics are fought with words.”

From TheHappyRabbit:


From TheHappyRabbit:KILL ME, HEAL ME Is a real roller-coaster. The show is packed with almost all kinds of emotions: suspense, mystery, comedy, romance. You will laugh, cry and smile throughout your journey with the show. It also has an amazing story line. On top of that. Ji Sung did an excellent job in the drama. He couldn’t have played the role any better.

From Yukata:

My favorite kdrama actor : yoon shi yoon , yeo jin go , lee do hyun , park hyung shik

For yoon shi yoon for me the best drama he was in the best hit , for yeo jin go the crown clown , for lee do hyun the good bad mother , for park hyung shik happiness.