Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ Is the New TV Show to Be Excited About

Robert Langdon is back and this time, he’s hotter. 

When we talk about the thrilling 2009 novel by one of America’s best authors, Dan Brown, who is known for his twisty and adrenaline-fueled plotlines, we tend to imagine the U.S Capitol Building standing regally on a raised plateau, a severed wrist skewered onto a spiked wooden base, a 4,664 square foot fresco covering the canopy of the Capitol Rotunda and an austere place where sat a human skull, crossed bones, scythe, hourglass and other Masonic symbols. 

Dan Brown’s novel is a work of fiction, but the opening scene is enough to make a remarkable statement: Washington DC hides some gruesome secrets that could lead to ancient wisdom, rituals are real and we are about to discover one of the world’s most secretive and shadowy brotherhoods. 

Based on the International Bestselling Thriller

Based on the International Bestselling Thriller

The human mind, I must say, is the most curious thing I know. And books by Dan Brown are like magnets, drawing the attention of readers like me all over the world.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been introduced to Dan Brown’s novels and it would be such an understatement to say that this man is an aspiring and great author. With his compelling characters, good story structures and intriguing and thrilling elements, it’s hard to argue that this man outshines himself in blending pure facts with conspiracy theories and creative imagination.

He does not only share information, but he has a wonderful art of storytelling, basically making you obsessed with his interesting plots and style of narration. I tell you, this guy can make travel across the globe with his words and symbols and amaze you with that fine line of knowledge drawn between historical literature and fictional literature (you can also put religion and science into that).

But, now what if I tell you that this engaging and gripping story will soon be transformed into a rocking TV show by Peacock?

Are We Really Getting an Action-Adventure Television Series?

Do you still remember the famous Da Vinci Code?

How could you not?

Well, despite being heavily criticized by the real Opus Dei, Dan Brown’s mind-bending and groundbreaking novel took a new direction when the 2006 American movie – based on the same name – was released worldwide, interesting thousands of souls like me.

Again, following the fame attained by the jaw-dropping novel, it seems like The Lost Symbol is also finally making its way to the screens with Peacock, the NBC universal-owned streaming service.

Attaining success from streaming series like Girls5eva, Rutherford Falls and live streaming recent Tokyo games, Peacock will now launch Dan Brown’s third volume.

And, don’t worry, there will be absolutely no-reinventing the wheel or re-structuring the story.

About the TV Show


About the TV Show

For those who are fans of The Lost Symbol, you’d know how the movies would play out.

The plot centers on Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist, who is suddenly called to Washington DC to give a lecture. However, this time we are not going to see Tom Hanks in his usual charcoal turtleneck, Harris Tweed jacket and collegiate cordovan loafers. If you are a true fan, you’d know that Robert is supposed to be simply irresistible to ladies and so the role played by the actor Ashley Zukerman does justice to the character.

As the series unfolds, we will be thrown back into a world of hidden and ancient secrets. You will be pulled back into a premise where the human mind is said to have a great ability to affect matter. Your beliefs will be shaken when you’ll discover the mysterious secrets of the Founding fathers of the nation’s Capitol. And, you will be let into a mythical world where deep-hidden secrets would lead to never-heard and never-seen revelation of the macabre side of Freemasonry.


So, at the end of the day, you can enjoy this new TV show in the same spirit as the novel. Are you as excited as me?