Here’s Why Viewers Are Hooked on Tvn’s Ghost Doctor


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Who would have thought an arrogant surgeon teaming up with a cocky book-smart intern would have caught the attention of so many viewers? Did we just get addicted to a fantasy medical drama where one doctor possesses another doctor’s body?

It’s 2022 and Hallyu fans have been promised a huge variety of K-dramas with enticing plotlines – be it the unanticipated body switch in Ghost Doctor or trapped students fighting a zombie virus outbreak in All of Us Are Dead.

After the Heirs –one of the most cherished K-dramas in the industry– director Boo Sung Chul, comes up with a new drama that looks captivating at first glance – it promises the exciting story of how two doctors with different personalities, medical abilities, principles and perceptions of life end up combining their bodies and spirits.

So many of us grew up with Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead and Buffy The Vampire Slayer and we know how ghosts, vampires, zombies and demons are common plot devices, so common that we’ll know how to survive in an apocalypse or kill them through the heart.

However, what is it that makes this Korean drama so different? How did this show get us so addicted?

#Rain, Rain and Rain

#Rain, Rain and Rain

After three years, the charismatic K-pop star is back on screen, playing the role of arrogant and cold-blooded Cha Young Min.

Sometimes all a show needs is a great character that keeps audiences coming back for more and here, the scene-stealer is Cha Young Min.

Despite being a skilled thoracic surgeon who can save people’s lives with just a touch, he only cares about his career and doesn’t give a damn about others’ personal stories. Yet, we are drawn to that fierce and bold attitude of his.

Let’s not also forget how Cha Young Min left us awe-struck as he pulled off the most fashionable looks with killer outfits. And, we all know where he gets all those stylish clothes, from “fancy boo-tiques” – on this note, let’s take one moment to mourn the loss of his red-colored designer suit that was hauled off the window by Go Seung Tak.

The Extraordinary Bromance

From the first episode, Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak became our new favorite comedic duo.

When Cha Young Min goes into a coma and becomes a “coma ghost”, he has no other choice than to possess and use Go Seung Tak’s hands during surgery. Due to their clashing personalities – the arrogant genius doctor Cha Young Min and the always-bright-and-optimistic rookie – initially appeared as if their collab would never work. However, as they are earnestly asked to save people’s lives, they both realize they need each other.

That’s when it becomes nearly impossible to take the bromance out of our fav bickering couple. Not only do their interactions make our hearts race with excitement, but they also inject lots of comedic relief – the part where Go Seung Tak says, “I can at least talk. You can’t even open your eyes,” or when Cha Young Min’s constantly taking his car and losing it are just too good for me to handle.

Their hilarious squabbles – “You darned ghost! You rude punk!” – will definitely have you glued to the screen.

Interesting Plot Developments 

Interesting Plot Developments 

At its heart, the story is supposed to follow Young Min as he rediscovers his passion for saving lives and reuniting with his ex-girlfriend while silver-spoon resident Go Seung Tak matures into a real doctor.

However, just as the adorable pair sets ground rules for their differences, as if on cue, their secret is discovered by the scheming Han Seung Won (Go Seung Tak’s cousin) and bad news and troubles start to occur one by one.

It’ll be interesting to see how our favorite pair will overcome these challenges.

Other Interesting Characters

Maybe more than the romance between Cha Young Min and Jang Se Jin, we’ve greatly enjoyed the interactions of the trio of coma ghosts – with Choi Hoon Ki wanting to punch Cha Young Min and Hwang Kook Chan teaching ghost Young Min how to “open a door.”

Another cool character is Tess –another coma ghost whose story we’ve still got to learn –who is always seen hanging around in Young Min’s designer suits. My favorite moment is when he brags about his ability to go outside the hospital and says, “My spirit is free. If you are jealous, die!”

By the way, did I mention that I’m also a fan of the ajumma? Possessed or not, she’s just great at “cleaning off” Oh Soo Jung’s rude senior.

The Ending

As the show is reaching its final episode very soon, viewers are holding on tight to their seats and eagerly waiting for Young Min to gain his senses back.

Despite the frightful preview of episode 15, as the genre is “medical fantasy”, drawing an unforeseen border between life and death, can we expect a miracle or a happy ending for our main leads?

I think I’ll really miss these eye candies, especially Go Seung Tak’s infectious smile. And what about you? What are you going to miss the most in this drama?