Predictions on the Ending of Snowdrop: Will the Show Leave Viewers in Tears?

Disney and JTBC Korean series Snowdrop is coming to an end…but are we ready to say goodbye to the dynamic girls of room 207, Young Ro’s magic coffee, fried chicken– most importantly, don’t we want to see more of Soo Ho’s sexy muscles?


Set in Seoul in 1987, during a turbulent period of Korean history when the country was in the midst of democratization protests against dictatorship and North Korean intervention, Snowdrop tells the painful yet beautiful love story between a South Korean college student Young Ro (played by Blackpink’s Jisoo) and a North Korean spy Soo Ho (played by the charismatic Jung Hae In).


Despite the K-drama receiving intense backlash based on claims that it’s distorting Korean history, the show still developed a considerable fan base that has become captivated by the thrill-packed episodes and the super-cute chemistry between the leading actors. Netizens eagerly await new episodes each week, social media platforms are flooded with comments and theories while fans just can’t resist the couple’s adorable off-screen videos.


Now, after 13 soul-stirring episodes, JTBC confirmed the last episodes of Snowdrop would air this week. But, how will Soo Ho and Young Ro’s tragic love story end?


Theories on Snowdrop’s Ending


It’s undeniable; the show has been keeping us on the edge of our seats with dramatic cliffhangers, interesting characters with avenues of growth and exploration and connections that are yet to be made.


Will the wrongdoings of the ANSP ever come to light? Will 13 young virgins really die? Will Kang Chung Ya’s real identity be disclosed? When will the hostage situation end? are some questions that have given many of us sleepless nights ever since the show started.


But, as the final episodes are nearing, fans keep flooding Twitter with theories and predictions. Here are some of them.


A Romeo and Juliet Vibe

A Romeo and Juliet Vibe Political turmoil. Opposing Forces (North and South Korea). It seems like a “Romeo and Juliet” type of story is the only missing drama ingredient – remember the book Bun Ok asked Young Ro to bring her?

I was trying to avoid saying this, but Soo Ho’s fate might have been sealed once his betrayal was known to Lim Ji Rok. No matter where traitors hide, North Korea can always find and kill them (even Gyeok Chan knows that).


Given the tragedy angle and the lead actor’s monologues, “If I were just an ordinary person…If I hadn’t met you,” implying regret, 

there’s no knowing either if Young Ro is the one destined to die.


But, for sure: a death does fit in the frame of “Romeo and Juliet.”


Soo Ho in Prison


The screenplay of the period melodrama is said to be inspired by the handwritten notes of a North Korean defector from a political prison camp. Stressing on the writer’s use of this memoir as the show’s subject matter, is it safe to assume that Soo Ho will end up in some prison camp in North Korea– much better than death at least – and eventually escape only to reunite with Young Ro?


“One Way Ticket”

“One Way Ticket”

 Did I mention how much I’m addicted to this song?


While we are all hooked to Young Ro dancing to this tune, let’s not forget the deeper meaning; that of separation and heartbreak.


Back then, what do you think were the chances for a North Korean spy and the daughter of the Chief of South Korea’s national agency to end up together?


The Wedding Dress


A photo posted by the drool-worthy actor Jung Hae In standing in front of an elegant wedding dress and Jisoo’s costume in one of the behind-the-scenes footage led fans to hope for a fairytale-like wedding and happy ending.


Or, was it all just a mere coincidence? (Was it really?)


Soo Ho’s Escape


After intercepting the money, Dr. Kang may force Soo Ho to fake his death to protect both his sister and Young Ro and use the money to escape to some far-away country. Again, there might be some hope of both the main leads reuniting after a few years in a foreign land.


What to Expect for the Other Characters?


With the whole hostage situation and the political tension, is there a catastrophic ending or a beautiful denouement awaiting the hostages? Is Dr. Kang going to sacrifice herself for Soo Ho or is she going to opt for her survival?


Is there going to be a redemption ending for Bun Ok? Are we finally going to find out the connection between her and Mrs. Pi?


What about Comrade Joo? And, will Eung Cheol get the chance to eat more fried chickens in his life?


ANYWAY – #Queen vibes #Hye Ryeong – I am sure the ending will be as epic, hopefully not as dramatic and tragic, as the drama has been till now! What do you think? What kind of ending are you anticipating?


And, during these last moments of waiting, why don’t you share some of your favorite moments of the drama?