Iconic Movie Antagonists Across the Ages – Part 1

Every good movie has a villain, some antagonists trying to keep our heroes from achieving greatness (or just, you know, surviving). A great villain can make you love—or at least respect—them, even while actively rooting for their defeat. These are some of the most iconic antagonists in film history. Don’t forget to check under the …


Untangling the Web: The Real SpiderVerse Story Line

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a love letter to its comic books source material that explores what it means to be the iconic superhero, in his (and her) many forms. But while the film possesses some obvious similarities to Marvel Comics’ 2014 “Spider-Verse” storyline, by Dan Slott and Oliver Copiel, there are some major differences …


The Best Video Game Movies of The Last Decade

If you were a big-ticket, Hollywood screenwriter, one of the toughest gigs you could get is the task of turning a video game into a coherent movie. First of all? Video game stories are, you know, meant to be played. Interacted with. It’s literally changing the medium that the concept was built on to adapt …


The Biggest Movie Blockbusters Of The Last Decade

The 2010s were a big decade for movies. As Hollywood leans more and more into big, bombastic productions, box office revenue seemingly continues to climb. Blockbusters today are making far more than they were just ten years ago thanks to a collective public interest, some great film-making, and the presence of China as a major …